Imagination to Invention

Albert Einstein once said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
Known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing or 3DP is a technology that is used to create physical objects from a digital design through the joining and forming process using different materials (plastic, ceramics, wax, metal and many more) as raw materials using a layer-by-layer approach. 3D printing is going to be the next-generation manufacturing and is meant for bringing about a revolution in the manufacturing industry and automation.
We at Stardust know that the universe is a big place to imagine, create and most importantly believe in your imaginations. With a motive and potential to build-more and build-better, our team is on the journey of exploring the unexplored. We at Stardust understand the emotion as well as passion behind every idea that takes birth. It has helped us understand the value of your dreams and imaginations in better ways.


With a world full of challenges, cut-throat competition and zillion opinions, our team strives to beat them all and not just survive but also push boundaries of innovation and invention.
With an objective to build superior-quality 3D Printers which can answer everyone’s need, we are on a journey to build a product that can convert digital designs to 3D objects. So far, our journey has been full of challenges, problems and believe us, so far the manoeuvre has been a wonderful and learning experience. We aim to empower the world with an ability to build from anything to everything.

We thrive to be recognized Globally.

Global recognition requires a lot more than just an idea i.e. innovation in execution. When we came up with this idea to build a 3D printer, we also pledged to become a global leader in the world of 3D printing through customized solutions and lucrative approach. Right from school going kids, teenagers to technocrats, our 360-degree solutions aim to help them grow and create in brilliant ways possible.

Explore your Bold beliefs with our 3D printers

With a technology so robust and holistic, our 3-D printers will help you discover your potential and unleash your skills in the form of creating and building your bold dreams.