Why 3DP

Why is 3D Printing a breakthrough technology?

Delivering benefits that traditional manufacturing can’t, across the five-dimensional space is what makes it different. There are many reasons for the why:

Mass Customization: It concentrates one of the key elements of manufacturing i.e. mass customization by opening infinite possibilities to produce designs, irrespective of the amount. Through batch production, one can now manufacture low volume parts which wasn’t the case previously.

Short Lead Time: Due to 3DP technology, the time to build products have decreased significantly. This is due to rapid iterations of designs- aesthetic & functional. Thus, converting your digital ideas into physical objects is now a just a matter of few hours.

New Capabilities: With the help of additive manufacturing, we can control and build internal geometries, which is inspired by nature and is highly efficient. Organic shapes, porous structures and lattice shapes are now possible with just a press of a button.

Zero Wastage: Conventionally, any block of material underwent processes like cutting, milling and drilling to give it the desired shape. With 3DP, it uses the only amount it needs to produce any particular object. hence, it is eco-friendly and environment-savvy.

Cost effective: For a few hundreds of pieces to manufacture, the cost required is far less than a whole manufacturing setup. Hence, it becomes pocket-friendly to do pilot-testing or to launch a niche product.

Supply-Chain Simplification: 3D printing can simplify the supply chain by lessening inventory costs for spare parts. The process of managing the raw materials to the end product is easy because it is short due to this amazing technology.